Quality Policy

The quality standards of Dowell research significantly reduces the risks connected with doing market research work. We have vigorous and healthy systems in place to ensure outcomes to the specifications and deadline. Our research analysis and findings are in conformance with established fair and best practice principles in market research.

Manpower quality

Our entire team are knowledgeable and trained to deal with every stage of the research process. We keep our team upgrade from time to time to every new development in market research to maintain top standards in research.

Process quality

We Assure Quality at all levels of the Research process. Three tier quality check is used in transcription. Checking is done at the level of transcriber, moderator and by analyst.We follow a strict policy of checks and supervision to ensure quality and document every stage of the procedure. Our robust project management systems are devised to produce the highest quality products & services and to receive top levels of client satisfaction.


Availability of technical experts, Research experts, Advanced facilities, modern tools,professional equipment and latest technology to ensure quality in the entire research process.

Communication quality

We have a flexible and open approach to our clients and involve them in every stage of the research process. We care and give individualised attention to customers.We communicate and have them on board to ensure total quality in research output.

Total Quality management

Our premium quality standards constitutes Total quality management policy which makes clients feel confident to choose Dowell research as their most preferred research partner. High quality standards, Client satisfaction are the core principles driving Dowell research. We follow industry rules, guidelines to achieve highest quality in business.

Professional Standards

ICC/ESOMAR International Code, Insight Association code, AMSRS code – We adhere to these Global standards for self-regulation for researchers and data analysts and follow all guidelines and rules set by these organisations for members.

If you have any Queries, Please get in touch with our Quality team at mail@dowell research.com


Security Policy

Dowell uses network security measures consistent with current best practices to protect its network systems, website, email and mailing lists.

Technical Measures:

These measures include technical, procedural, monitoring and tracking steps intended to safeguard data from misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, loss, alteration or destruction. We conduct vulnerability assessment and networking audit on a regular basis on our systems to help detect any issues related to operating systems and networks which may lead to breach of security and loss of data. Apart from this, We conduct mock drills to secure and check the vulnerability of our systems to electronic attacks.

Patch management :

We regularly update our systems and upgrade our system softwares. We use AVG antivirus and update it regularly for advanced safety. We use latest linux operating systems on our premises which provides more security from potential risks like virus attacks and hacking. We

Site and device access:

Access to our servers and network devices is secure with strong password authentication set by our security team. When an employee, intern leaves our firm or a contract ends, we revoke their physical and logical access to our systems and servers by changing the password and ensuring that no data is in possession of them.

Security protocols:

We use different encrypted network security protocols like HTTPS, SFTP and SSL protocols to ensure the security and integrity of network data.

Acceptable use policy:

Our employees are required to follow an acceptable use policy and follow ethical practices. They are required to

  1. Not attempting to break the security of any computer network or user
  2. Not posting commercial messages to usenet groups without prior permission
  3. Not attempting to send junk e-mail or spam to anyone who doesn’t want to receive it.
  4. Not attempting to mail bomb a site with mass amounts of email in order to flood their server
  5. To undergo mandatory annual training on information security and data protection.

Member and Client data protection:                                                                                                 

Member and Client Data is a high priority and we use our own protective measures, as well as the capabilities of our software and hardware vendors. We realize there can be incidents of misuse or unauthorized malware infiltration like hacking, virus, spyware attack as almost every network, website, service and user encounters. In those instances, our goals are to move quickly to isolate the problem, ensure or restore proper functionality and minimize any inconvenience to our uses.. As appropriate and necessary, Dowell will notify the relevant authorities of these incidents of misuse or unauthorized program infiltrations of the network.

Certification : We undergo certification by various clients with whom we are working.

100 percent secure data transmissions over the internet is not a guarantee. Consequently, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any Data you transmit to us and you understand that any Data that you transfer to Dowell is done at your own risk.

This policy is applicable to all of Dowell’s websites and branches situated in different countries.

Changes in Security policy- We may update this policy from time to time by posting new version on the D’Well Research Website. Please refer to this policy regularly.

If you have any queries Please get in touch with our Security team at mail@dowellresearch.com  



Privacy Policy-Clients

What this policy means

This privacy policy explains how D’Well and its allied organisations handle your personal information and data when you become a client/partner to our market research studies.

For whom it applies

This privacy policy applies to all the products, services and websites offered by D’Well and their affiliates, except where otherwise noted. We refer to those products, services and websites collectively as the “services” in this policy.

Our Policy

D’Well Research is committed to protecting the privacy of all information; we collect from our clients. This policy applies to all the client/partner information that is collected or used in the conduct of our business. The policy covers and applies to all client information stored at any D’Well Research facility or on any D’Well research network. Anyone who has access to such information or data has to follow this policy.

Client information

We treat all data and information collected from clients as confidential and uses this information to fulfil our contracts and obligations to them. We keep client information safe and prevent the misuse and any illegal disclosure of it by our employees, staff members or third parties.

Protecting personal information:

We protect and safeguard information provided by clients. We don’t sell, disclose or publish any information. We disallow selling such data to third parties without client permission. We hold all personal data securely – in our place for analysis purpose; we don’t keep personal information or survey data for more than 90 days after compiling the report. We keep the report only for reference purpose after 90 days. D’Well, its sister concerns or clients are the owners of survey data and all personal information. At the request of clients/partners, we provide access to the information collected from them. We may correct any information that is wrong or inaccurate or have the personal information deleted.

Data and Information security

We take all proper physical, electronic and procedural security measures to protect client data and information. We secure your data on electronically secure computers managed by technical and security team with regular checking upgrading,mock drills, apart from our annual security analysis with the help of security vendors. All physical locations are safe with biometric access control systems control systems surveillance cameras and intrusion detection sensors.

Backup data security:

The backup data is stored is safely and securely in our own premises and the same procedure above is maintained for electronic security and the physical locations are safe with biometric access control systems, surveillance camera and intrusion detection sensors.

Security incident management:

Following are the high-level activities performed within the security incident management process

  • Notification and receipt of an incident
  • Verification of incident Reporter’s authority
  • Incident recording and classification
  • Incident assignment/routing
  • Incident diagnosis and resolution
  • Functional and Hierarchical Escalation
  • Escalation and Follow-up
  • Problem record generation
  • Updating client about progress
  • Close incident record
  • Client Satisfaction survey
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Incident Report Generation

Information security

We take all proper physical, electronic and procedural security measures to protect client data and information.

Data processing

D’Well research analyses data based on logical, empirical, statistical or psychological approach and presented in our report without disclosing Identity.

Access to client data:

We do not entertain any access requests from any user unless he has taken permission from the client and is provided by us with a USER ID and PASSWORD for access.

Reports usage

We do not disclose the reports to third parties, we share with client for usage in present or future strategies.

What this policy means

Our Research studies are conducted based on code and conduct of ESOMAR, MRA, AMSRS and EphMRA based on client’s requirement and objectives of project. If you have any doubts & concerns about our use of personal or client information, please contact by mail at  mail@dowellresearch.com.

Changes in Privacy policy

We may update this policy from time to time by posting a new version on the D’Well Research Website. Please refer to this policy regularly. If we decide to use your data in any other manner than stated before, we will approach via mail or telephone for your consent.

Please contact Managing Director of DoWell in thomas@dowellresearch.sg if you have any doubts and concerns.

GDPR Compliance

With GDPR in place, We have made sure that a full scale data protection team and systems are in place to put our communications with our partners and clients in order. We have formally complied to the GDPR ACT and taken necessary technical, administrative as well as security measures to ensure full compliance.

Data protection team

We have deployed full scale Data security team to ensure that personal data is fully protected during communication, ensure round the clock vigilance to protect data stored in our systems are protected and which passes through our networks is not hacked or stolen

Technical and security measures

We have taken steps to ensure Full data protection with the help of our vendors by putting strong network and communication protection systems in place. We conduct data protection impact assessment checks regularly on our systems and network to ensure compliance with applicable legal,regulatory and policy requirements regarding data protection and privacy. Our procedures assesses risks, potential effects of any disruptions and evaluate protections and alternative methods to mitigate potential privacy risks.

Personal data use policy

We follow a responsible policy on the use of personal data to avoid compliance issues. We take consent from the subjects on the personal data collected for research purposes. We take approval from our clients as well as partners regarding correspondence, mails, newsletters sending or sharing data to ensure compliance.

Data minimalisation principle

We only use and keep the personal data that is needed at any given time and only for the intended purpose. When its need and duration is over, we delete the data. We respect the customers right to withdraw consent and request data to be deleted. We act upon the request and delete all such data from our systems.

Our Technical as well as our security team have put up fool proof technology and processes to ensure data stored on our sites, sent via email or in any other format during correspondence is not hacked, stolen or lost. We notify local data protection authorities of any breach within 72 hours of discovery.

If you have any queries regarding GDPR compliance, then please contact Data protection team at mail@dowellresearch.com.

Whitepaper – Clients

Stages of Project Management after order confirmation

First stage

  • Signing NDA- Dowell Research Project Team led by Project Manager signs Non disclosure agreement with Client. We undertake not share any information related to projects like videos, audios or data to any other party. We keep data in our systems only for 90 days after project confirmation.
  • Project Objectives are reconfirmed by client with our Project team before it gets underway. The expanded project objectives are also added and discussed with client.
  • Project in charge schedules the timeline of the project with the client.
  • Project team kicks off the project meeting with the client discussing the objectives further and the deep insights they are looking for.
  • Segmentation and finalisation of target market is done by the analyst.
  • Preparation of Screening questionnaire by the analyst for recruiting respondent from online, offline or social media channels.
  • Screening questionnaire is prepared for each project to target the right respondent.
  • Screener is approved by the client before start of recruitment.

Second stage

  • Training to interviewers by project in charge for each location and translation of screeners to different languages according to the location of the study.
  • Online platform for screener entry set up by programmer. The screener is either entered by the respondent or the interviewer according to the level of the respondent and easiness of the screener.
  • Screening is done by the recruitment team
  • Back checking is done by the quality team to check the quality of the respondents selected.

Third stage 

  • Signing of NDA with each interviewee and respondent to keep the privacy. Most of the studies are white labelled so there will be no disclosure of client identity to any third party. The NDA with respondent ensures no personal data taken during the project is disclosed and their identity is preserved safely. The NDA clearly state that we use only the collective insights from all data and not any individual opinion.
  • The guidelines for testing/interviewing are prepared by the analyst.
  • The guidelines are prepared for the different methodologies used in the project by analyst initially and approved by the client finally.
  • The project distribution to each location is done by the project manager. The interviewer is trained about when, where and how the interviews are to be conducted.
  • The guidelines are translated to respective local languages by the interviewer.
  • Interviewing is done by the interviewee.
  • The audio and video recordings are done by the interviewer and are translated by the interviewer along with the note taker and the translator present during the interviews. The simultaneous translator provides the translation of the audios at the same moment to the client from field or our facilities on demand.
  • The audios and video files are uploaded to our database for client viewing.
  • The translations and transcriptions of the audio and videos are done by the interviewer.
  • The summary notes are prepared by the interviewer.
  • The products distributed by the interviewer to the respondents during interviews are then reclaimed.
  • The analysis based on the notes prepared by the interviewee are done by the analyst.
  • The audios and videos are edited by the programmer as per the requirements of the report. Some video clips are added and important notes taken to be reported to the client as in real time.

Final Stage

  • The draft report is prepared by the analyst in slides/powerpoint/videos and submitted to client for approval.
  • The draft report is approved by client. The client gives his suggestions and any other needs on the draft report.
  • The final report is prepared by analyst taking into consideration the client suggestions and duly submitted by project in charge.
  • The documentation is completed and the data is kept for 90 days as per the NDA signed earlier with client and respondents.

N.B.The timelines of all projects are based on the depth, location of the projects and type of respondents.