GDPR Compliance

With GDPR in place, We have made sure that a full scale data protection team and systems are in place to put our communications with our partners and clients in order. We have formally complied to the GDPR ACT and taken necessary technical, administrative as well as security measures to ensure full compliance.

Data protection team

We have deployed full scale Data security team to ensure that personal data is fully protected during communication, ensure round the clock vigilance to protect data stored in our systems are protected and which passes through our networks is not hacked or stolen

Technical and security measures

We have taken steps to ensure Full data protection with the help of our vendors by putting strong network and communication protection systems in place. We conduct data protection impact assessment checks regularly on our systems and network to ensure compliance with applicable legal,regulatory and policy requirements regarding data protection and privacy. Our procedures assesses risks, potential effects of any disruptions and evaluate protections and alternative methods to mitigate potential privacy risks.

Personal data use policy

We follow a responsible policy on the use of personal data to avoid compliance issues. We take consent from the subjects on the personal data collected for research purposes. We take approval from our clients as well as partners regarding correspondence, mails, newsletters sending or sharing data to ensure compliance.

Data minimalisation principle

We only use and keep the personal data that is needed at any given time and only for the intended purpose. When its need and duration is over, we delete the data. We respect the customers right to withdraw consent and request data to be deleted. We act upon the request and delete all such data from our systems.

Our Technical as well as our security team have put up fool proof technology and processes to ensure data stored on our sites, sent via email or in any other format during correspondence is not hacked, stolen or lost. We notify local data protection authorities of any breach within 72 hours of discovery.

If you have any queries regarding GDPR compliance, then please contact Data protection team at

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