Privacy policy-Respondents

What this policy means

This privacy policy explains how D’Well and its allied organisations handle your personal information and data when you act as a respondent to our market research studies.

For whom it applies

This privacy policy applies to all the products, services and websites offered by D’Well and their affiliates, except where otherwise noted. We refer to those products, services and websites collectively as the “services” in this policy.

Our Policy

D’Well Research is committed to protecting the privacy of all information; we collect from our Research participants. This policy applies to all the participant information that is collected or used in the conduct of our business. The policy covers and applies to all information stored at any D’Well Research facility or on any D’Well research network. Anyone who has access to such information or data has to follow this policy.

Participant information

We treat all data and information collected from respondents as confidential and use it only for research purpose. We keep respondent information safe and prevent the misuse and any illegal disclosure of it by our employees, staff members or third parties.

Research participant Information

Selecting respondents:

We are a market research company doing research for its clients and own purpose. We need your valuable opinion for research purposes to authenticate, analyse and conclude data & finalise reports. We select respondents for our research based on the profile disclosed to us by them or public media. Based on this D’Well or client selects the respondent.

Protecting personal information:

We protect and safeguard information collected from participants. We don’t sell, disclose or publish any personal information. We disallow selling such data to third parties without participant permission. We hold all personal data securely – in our/clients place for analysis purpose; we don’t keep personal information or survey data for more than 90 days after compiling the report. We keep the report only for reference purpose after 90 days. D’Well, its sister concerns or clients are the owners of survey data and all personal information. At the request of participants, we provide access to the personal information collected about them. We may correct any information that is wrong or inaccurate or have the personal information deleted.

Feedback data protection:

During survey or research, the participants are requested to provide comments, feedback ideas, reports, suggestions data or other information to D’Well (collectively “Feedback”). We may record the voice and image of participants and such recording will also be considered as “Feedback”.

D’Well may use any feedback provided to develop and enhances client’s current or future products and services. Respondents need not disclose to D’Well any third-party information that they are obligated to maintain as confidential .

We may collect your personal information or data from third parties if you give permission to those third parties to share your information with us. Any feedback given by the respondents to D’Well will be considered as confidential and any information provided to respondents by D’Well and clients shall be considered confidential.

Non-disclosure agreement:

Respondents will be requested to accept Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before the survey/research.

All research participation is voluntary. Respondents can opt out of research at any time and all time with no penalty or hesitation.

Information security

We take all proper physical, electronic and procedural security measures to protect all data and personal information.

Data integrity

D’Well research will take all measures to ensure that personal data collected is accurate, relevant, complete and current and only used to fulfil our obligations to the clients.

Data processing

D’Well research analyses data based on logical, empirical, statistical or psychological approach and presented in our report without disclosing personal identity.

Reports usage

We do not disclose the reports to third parties, we or client use it for the present or future strategies.

Online Information

D’Well respects the voluntary nature of participation and protects the respondent’s identities when collecting survey responses online. The only use of their browsing activity is error free survey experience.

What this policy means

Our Research studies are conducted based on code and conduct of ESOMAR, MRA, AMSRS and EphMRA based on client’s requirement and objectives of project. If you have any doubts & concerns about our use of personal data or information, please contact by mail at

Changes in Privacy policy

We may update this policy from time to time by posting a new version on the D’Well Research Website. Please refer to this policy regularly. If we decide use your data in any other manner than stated before, we will approach via mail or telephone for your consent.

Please contact Managing Director of DoWell in if you have any doubts and concerns.