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Stages of Project Management after order confirmation

First stage

  • Signing NDA- Dowell Research Project Team led by Project Manager signs Non disclosure agreement with Client. We undertake not share any information related to projects like videos, audios or data to any other party. We keep data in our systems only for 90 days after project confirmation.
  • Project Objectives are reconfirmed by client with our Project team before it gets underway. The expanded project objectives are also added and discussed with client.
  • Project in charge schedules the timeline of the project with the client.
  • Project team kicks off the project meeting with the client discussing the objectives further and the deep insights they are looking for.
  • Segmentation and finalisation of target market is done by the analyst.
  • Preparation of Screening questionnaire by the analyst for recruiting respondent from online, offline or social media channels.
  • Screening questionnaire is prepared for each project to target the right respondent.
  • Screener is approved by the client before start of recruitment.

Second stage

  • Training to interviewers by project in charge for each location and translation of screeners to different languages according to the location of the study.
  • Online platform for screener entry set up by programmer. The screener is either entered by the respondent or the interviewer according to the level of the respondent and easiness of the screener.
  • Screening is done by the recruitment team
  • Back checking is done by the quality team to check the quality of the respondents selected.

Third stage 

  • Signing of NDA with each interviewee and respondent to keep the privacy. Most of the studies are white labelled so there will be no disclosure of client identity to any third party. The NDA with respondent ensures no personal data taken during the project is disclosed and their identity is preserved safely. The NDA clearly state that we use only the collective insights from all data and not any individual opinion.
  • The guidelines for testing/interviewing are prepared by the analyst.
  • The guidelines are prepared for the different methodologies used in the project by analyst initially and approved by the client finally.
  • The project distribution to each location is done by the project manager. The interviewer is trained about when, where and how the interviews are to be conducted.
  • The guidelines are translated to respective local languages by the interviewer.
  • Interviewing is done by the interviewee.
  • The audio and video recordings are done by the interviewer and are translated by the interviewer along with the note taker and the translator present during the interviews. The simultaneous translator provides the translation of the audios at the same moment to the client from field or our facilities on demand.
  • The audios and video files are uploaded to our database for client viewing.
  • The translations and transcriptions of the audio and videos are done by the interviewer.
  • The summary notes are prepared by the interviewer.
  • The products distributed by the interviewer to the respondents during interviews are then reclaimed.
  • The analysis based on the notes prepared by the interviewee are done by the analyst.
  • The audios and videos are edited by the programmer as per the requirements of the report. Some video clips are added and important notes taken to be reported to the client as in real time.

Final Stage

  • The draft report is prepared by the analyst in slides/powerpoint/videos and submitted to client for approval.
  • The draft report is approved by client. The client gives his suggestions and any other needs on the draft report.
  • The final report is prepared by analyst taking into consideration the client suggestions and duly submitted by project in charge.
  • The documentation is completed and the data is kept for 90 days as per the NDA signed earlier with client and respondents.

N.B.The timelines of all projects are based on the depth, location of the projects and type of respondents.

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