Quality Policy

The quality standards of Dowell research significantly reduces the risks connected with doing market research work. We have vigorous and healthy systems in place to ensure outcomes to the specifications and deadline. Our research analysis and findings are in conformance with established fair and best practice principles in market research.

Manpower quality

Our entire team are knowledgeable and trained to deal with every stage of the research process. We keep our team upgrade from time to time to every new development in market research to maintain top standards in research.

Process quality

We Assure Quality at all levels of the Research process. Three tier quality check is used in transcription. Checking is done at the level of transcriber, moderator and by analyst.We follow a strict policy of checks and supervision to ensure quality and document every stage of the procedure. Our robust project management systems are devised to produce the highest quality products & services and to receive top levels of client satisfaction.


Availability of technical experts, Research experts, Advanced facilities, modern tools,professional equipment and latest technology to ensure quality in the entire research process.

Communication quality

We have a flexible and open approach to our clients and involve them in every stage of the research process. We care and give individualised attention to customers.We communicate and have them on board to ensure total quality in research output.

Total Quality management

Our premium quality standards constitutes Total quality management policy which makes clients feel confident to choose Dowell research as their most preferred research partner. High quality standards, Client satisfaction are the core principles driving Dowell research. We follow industry rules, guidelines to achieve highest quality in business.

Professional Standards

ICC/ESOMAR International Code, Insight Association code, AMSRS code – We adhere to these Global standards for self-regulation for researchers and data analysts and follow all guidelines and rules set by these organisations for members.

If you have any Queries, Please get in touch with our Quality team at mail@dowell research.com


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